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Inari lake

Lapland is a land of mysteries and secrets. In those woods there are wolves, bears, wolverines, elks and foxes. On the streets lots of reindeers, peacefully minding their own business. You wonder how people lead their lives during winter, in those small log cabins lost in silence. And forests, and lakes and so much beauty. Sadly, the beautiful scenery is sometimes ruined by swarms of mosquitoes, but with the right clothes and tons of repellent it is manageable. I have only tasted a fraction of Lapland and still I know there is so much more, in those woods. The delicious smell of wooden sauna on your skin, the taste of lake water, hot chocolate made on an outdoor fire, cold mornings and magical nights when the sky turns pink and purple and there is no moon.

Lappi is also hiding broken hearts in small places, and being left with yourself for long times, gas stations that look like they belong in Minnesota and faces worn like badges of pride. I have the feeling we, as tourists, as visitors, cannot fully grasp it all. It is just a fleeting sensation, a split of a second when you feel something bigger or smaller than yourself happening so grandly all around you. I definitely have to return to Lapland, to taste their snow, to breathe in the woods, to see the fox brushing her tail against the mountains and causing sparkles to fly off into the sky (the Northern lights). I want more of this enchantment.

Back from Lappi I got this print, an adorable sleeping lumikko, made by this amazing Finnish artist living in England.

Lumikko – Jenni Saarenkyla

Jenni’s shop

I very much feel like a Small Animal living in a country of Big Animals.

“Do You See Piglet? Look At Their Tracks!”

It is a new, exciting feeling.

I also met Father Yule (or Santa Claus) and shared with him my Christmas wish. Now, also my secret is held captive in Lappi.